cygwin setup version 2.909 not installing (silent mode) - bug or user error?

Richard Beels
Wed Sep 22 01:50:19 GMT 2021

At 9/21/2021 at 12:28, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Jason Pyeron's 
keyboard and said:
>If the last execution of the setup used download only and the setup 
>is used with -q and without either -D or -L it still defaults to -D
>Adding -Y does not change the behavior either.
>Workaround was to launch setup, advance to "select download source", 
>select install, advance to next screen, abort, re-run silent install.
> From setup --help:
>-D --download                     Download packages from internet only
>-L --local-install                Install packages from local directory only
>-Y --prune-install                Prune the installation to only the requested
>                                    packages

I noticed this a while back, too, with .908.  I thought I mentioned 
it but maybe not.

There are explicit switches for download (-D) only or local-install 
(-L) but not for "install from the internet".  It looks like the 
"last-action" setting in /etc/setup/setup.rc controls what is used as 
the default for the next run: "Download", "Install" (local install) 
and "Download, Install" (internet install).

At a minimum, it seems that the code currently is in contradiction to 
the --help output: once you choose -L or -D, that becomes the default 
mode for subsequent runs.  Until explicitly changed back by running 
setup and clicking the appropriate button on the second dialog (or 
editing the rc file?). 

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