windows explorer links in cygwin /bin

Ken Brown
Mon Sep 20 11:18:13 GMT 2021

On 9/20/2021 5:45 AM, L A Walsh wrote:
> I have about 99 ".lnk" files in my /bin dir.
> What are these for?

They are shortcut style symlinks.  See

> Console2          a2ping             a5toa4            adhocfilelist
> amstex            arara              arlatex           authorindex
> bibexport         bundledoc          cachepic          chkweb
>  ctanify            ctanupload        de-macro
> dtxgen            dviasm             dvigif            dvilj6

Most of these come from TeX Live.  I tried searching for some of the others 
(such as Console2) at

and they are not in the current Cygwin distro.  I don't know why you still have 

> So why are these in the /bin directory since they don't
> work on the command line (like in BASH).

Cygwin should recognize them as symlinks.

> So why would ".lnk" files be used in cygwin packages since they don't
> work under cygwin, but are 'explorer' links.

What happens if you type 'amstex --help' in a Cygwin shell?


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