Can't ssh to cygwin after switching sign-in to Windows Hello PIN

L A Walsh
Mon Sep 20 09:59:15 GMT 2021

On 2021/09/15 12:53, Henry S. Thompson via Cygwin wrote:
> frankly, it seems like a bug, and
> if Microsoft succeeds in moving more people to using PINs for login,
> it will surely begin to bite others...

Isn't the idea of using the PIN login to get rid of the use (and the
ability) to use passwords?

I agree with you that it is likely to cause problems, but creating
a block to using a password seems to be intentional.

It's a bit like some of the problems with the 'Oauth' system where
one provider (like google) provides a way to allow you to login to
other sites using your google authentication, but not requiring you
give the "other site" a password.  When I first read about it though,
it seemed like the authorization process required web access for
the authorization to be exchanged, but I'm not 100% sure about that.
If it required web-auth, that has its own set of problems.

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