windows explorer links in cygwin /bin

L A Walsh
Mon Sep 20 09:45:17 GMT 2021

I have about 99 ".lnk" files in my /bin dir.

What are these for?

They appear to be explorer links to various things, to list
some files w/o the .lnk extension: 
( /bin/ls -T 0 -x -w 96 |sed -r 's/\.lnk//g' )

Console2          a2ping             a5toa4            adhocfilelist
amstex            arara              arlatex           authorindex
bibexport         bundledoc          cachepic          chkweb  ctanify            ctanupload        de-macro
dtxgen            dviasm             dvigif            dvilj6

So why are these in the /bin directory since they don't
work on the command line (like in BASH).

They do work in explorer, but most of them are console utilities.

So why would ".lnk" files be used in cygwin packages since they don't
work under cygwin, but are 'explorer' links.  Note, these are not
hard nor soft links as one might create with 'ln [-s]'.

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