[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: patchutils 0.4.2

Cygwin patchutils Maintainer Brian.Inglis@SystematicSW.ab.ca
Sun Sep 19 23:18:25 GMT 2021

The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* patchutils	0.4.2

Patchutils is a small collection of programs that operates on patch
files to list, grep, filter, split, combine, correct, or fix them.

For more information see the project home page:


or the repo README:


Please see the commit log or below for details of changes since the last
Cygwin release:


Version 0.4.2	2020 Jul 17

* Only run xmlto once
* Update .travis.yml
* Remove deprecated sudo key. Set os to linux (which is the default).

Version 0.4.0	2020 Jul 10

* Patchview addon are 3 bash and 1 python scripts
* tools (scripts) to work under svn and git repos
* Update patchview/README.patchview
* doc/patchutils.xml with patchview
* Add two unit-tests
* Add patchview (wrap of filterdiff) to Makefile.am
  in install/uninstall rules and add the symbol link
* Add patchview in help messages.
* patchview in filterdiff.c
* Allow to compile with pcre2 library
* Fix grepdiff test
* test new grepdiff `--only-match` option
* grepdiff: add `--only-match` option
* tests: use `printf` instead of `echo -ne`
* Allow more 3 lines in headers
* Fix hunk trimming
* Add new rediff test case, currently fails
* new bootstrap (more self explained).
* Make parallel 'check' work
* interdiff: provide more context when requested
* filterdiff: always use string literal format strings
* filterdiff: Fix header output.
* Adapt tests/fullheader4/run-test and remove it from XFAIL_TESTS.
* filterdiff: Display hunk comments containing NUL
* Add test to show failure caused by NUL
* spelling fixes for patchutils
* interdiff: exit with error when whitespace damage detected
* Fix numbered output with damaged input
* Test case for numbered lines with broken input
* Update 'got' in do_convert_to_context via convert_unified_hunks_to_context
* Fix context->unified conversion
* Fix lscontext3 testcase
* New testcase: lscontext3
* Fix warning 'llen[1]' may be used uninitialized.
* Fixes all the incorrect fsf addresses
* Fix resource leaks
* Some were found by coverity, others by valgrind.
* More robust fix for fullheader3 test-case.
* New test case, fullheader3, with fix (bug #1226985).
* Change rationale is in revision control.
* Don't use LINENO environment variable if not defined.
* Don't trim pre-context for patches at end of file

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