[ANNOUNCEMENT] cygwin 3.3.0-0.1.9814cfd8f693 (TEST)

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Sun Sep 19 14:42:50 GMT 2021

On 9/19/2021 9:32 AM, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Am 19.09.2021 um 14:27 schrieb Ken Brown via Cygwin:
>> On the other hand, maybe we could do a better job of documenting how to 
>> rebuild a package from source via cygport.

> And via git clone, please, because that's the way developers start if they want 
> to contribute to cygwin.
> I still claim it's a bad idea to hide that script in a subdirectory; it should 
> at least reside in the top-level directory, so if someone sees a script 
> "auto..." there, it will be an attempt to proceed with.

The reason it's in the winsup directory is that the change has only been done 
for Cygwin so far, not for newlib.  But maybe there could be a README.Cygwin in 
the top-level directory that calls attention to it, or an autogen_cygwin.sh script.


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