autorebase and user-installed dynamic objects

Ken Brown
Sat Sep 18 22:51:31 GMT 2021


In preparation for using emacs's new native compilation feature, I've been 
experimenting with using autorebase to rebase the *.eln files created in a 
user's home directory.  As a start, I created a file


containing the line

   /home/kbrown/.emacs.d/eln-cache .

I also modified /usr/bin/rebaseall and /usr/bin/rebaselst so that they would 
recognize 'eln' as a suffix of a file needing to be rebased.  I then ran setup 
and let it do its autorebase, but the *.eln files didn't get rebased.

Looking into /usr/bin/rebaselst, I think I see the problem.  The function 
rebase_user() greps the file /var/lib/rebase/user.d/kbrown for the relevant 
suffixes, instead of looking for files in /home/kbrown/.emacs.d/eln-cache. 
Shouldn't rebase_user use a variable "userLocs" analogous to the variable 
"dynLocs" used by rebase_dyn()?  Or am I completely misunderstanding how this is 
supposed to work?



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