tcl3270 failure in new Cygwin install

David McNeill
Tue Sep 14 22:29:19 GMT 2021

I just performed a new Cygwin install (32 bit) and chose to install
package tcl3270, version 3.3.15ga9-1.  Installation of Cygwin, tcl3270
prerequisites, and tcl3270 completed successfully, but when I run
tcl3270.exe within Cygwin I get the following error.

C:/cygwin/bin/tcl3270.exe: error while loading shared libraries:
libtcl8.5.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or

In Cygwin setup, it shows that tcl 8.6.11-1 is installed.  I suspect
that tcl3270 needs to be compiled against the new tcl package.  Is the
tcl3270 package still maintained, and if so, can the package
maintainer compile against tcl (assuming this is the


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