[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libreadline{7,-devel} 8.1 (problem of octave-gui)

ASSI Stromeko@nexgo.de
Fri Sep 10 15:52:35 GMT 2021

Takashi Yano via Cygwin writes:
>> h. Bracketed paste mode is enabled by default. There is a configure-time
>>    option (--enable-bracketed-paste-default) to set the default to on or off.
> Does libreadline7 (8.1) break compatibility with old one?
> Reverting libreadline7 to 7.0.3-3 solves the issue.
> Setting
> set enable-bracketed-paste off
> in ~/.inputrc also solves the problem.

Well, one obvious way of solving the issue would be to use the configure
option of not enabling bracketed paste by default.  Although it would be
better in the long term if the applications learn to use it correctly…

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