Broken dependencies for net-snmp-utils and perl-net-snmp

Brian Inglis
Tue Sep 7 03:53:16 GMT 2021

On 2021-06-24 02:14, Dan Andersson via Cygwin wrote:
> I'm having trouble installing net-snmp-utils-5.8-1.
> When using Cygwin Setup and I attempt to install net-snmp-utils-5.8-1,
> I receive the following error when resolving dependencies:
> Problem 1/1
> nothing provides perl5_026 needed by perl-net-snmp-5.7.2-2
> Solution 1/1 (default)
>    - do not ask to install net-snmp-utils-5.8-1
> If I attempt to install various versions of perl-net-snmp:
> Problem 1/1
> nothing provides perl5_026 needed by perl-net-snmp-5.7.2-2
> Solution 1/1 (default)
>    - do not ask to install perl-net-snmp-5.7.2-2
> Problem 1/1
> nothing provides perl5_026 needed by perl-net-snmp-5.7.3-1
> Solution 1/1 (default)
>    - do not ask to install perl-net-snmp-5.7.3-1
> Problem 1/1
> package perl-net-snmp-5.8-1 requires perl5_030, but none of the
> providers can be installed
> Solution 1/1 (default)
>    - do not ask to install perl-net-snmp-5.8-1
> So the root cause appears to be a problem finding perl5_030 or perl5_026.
> Any suggestions?

Should be satisfied by Cygwin Setup with recent perl_base but you may 
have to pick explicit version 5.30.3-1 or perl-net-snmp needs updated to 

$ awk -v'RS=\n@ ' -F'\n' '/provides: perl5_0/' ~/mirror/x86_64/setup.ini
sdesc: "Perl programming language interpreter"
ldesc: "Perl programming language interpreter

Minimal install intended for use by Base packages."
category: Interpreters Perl
requires: cygwin libcrypt2 perl_autorebase
version: 5.32.1-2
install: x86_64/release/perl/perl_base/perl_base-5.32.1-2.tar.zst 
source: x86_64/release/perl/perl-5.32.1-2-src.tar.zst 12620342 
depends2: cygwin, libcrypt2, perl_autorebase
obsoletes: perl-CPAN-Meta, perl-CPAN-Meta-Requirements, perl-Carp, 
perl-Config-Perl-V, perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-ECDSA, perl-Data-Alias, 
perl-Gnome2, perl-Gnome2-Canvas, perl-Gnome2-GConf, perl-Gnome2-Rsvg, 
perl-Gnome2-VFS, perl-Gnome2-Vte, perl-Gnome2-Wnck, perl-Gtk2, 
perl-Gtk2-GladeXML, perl-Gtk2-Notify, perl-Gtk2-SourceView2, 
perl-Gtk2-Spell, perl-Gtk2-Unique, perl-Gtk2-WebKit, 
perl-Module-Load-Conditional, perl-Pod-Simple, perl-Win32, perl-XSLoader
build-depends: cygport
provides: perl5_032
version: 5.30.3-1
install: x86_64/release/perl/perl_base/perl_base-5.30.3-1.tar.xz 3199864 
source: x86_64/release/perl/perl-5.30.3-1-src.tar.xz 12391460 
depends2: cygwin, libcrypt2
build-depends: cygport
provides: perl5_030

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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