cygrunsrv + sshd + rsync = 20 times too slow -- throttled?

Brian Inglis
Sun Sep 5 15:11:51 GMT 2021

On 2021-09-05 02:18, Achim Gratz wrote:
> 04.09.2021 18:45, Brian Inglis:
> [...]
>> then to install all binary packages for dogfooding:
> Would you please stop telling folks to do things that potentially breaks 
> their systems?
> There are quite a few more steps to take if you want to emulate what 
> setup does.  Then again you cannot do that on a live Cygwin system 
> unless you _really_ know what exactly it is you're doing and which 
> packages can or cannot be touched that way.

This is a downside of having only a general and not also a "technical" 
mailing list to discuss and diagnose "technical" issues and approaches.
The suggestion was intended as a tip to ensure *complete* locally 
rebuilt package contents are installed, by folks who are already having 
issues with their installation, rebuilding Cygwin and packages, and 
replacing the Cygwin dll etc. and packages to diagnose those issues. So 
hopefully they are also aware of preremove and postinstall scripts, in 
packages where they are provided, and the /etc/setup/PKG.lst.gz 
manifests for files to be removed before installation, and provided 
after installation. For the latter I would expect technical folks to 
make use of them but leave them to Cygwin Setup programs for officially 
released package upgrades.

[Also some of us do not have the appropriate technical background and 
expertise to get a Cygwin overlay mirror working reliably from the 
available instructions (if it was easy enough, someone would have 
provided a local-overlay-mirror package to do it years ago), nor systems 
fast enough to run Cygwin Setup for every package install.
Due to Windows "improvements", my system upgraded a few years ago is 
just as "fast" as the 10 year old system it replaced. ;^>
Cygwin Setup upgrades can take as long as Windows Update installing the 
latest patches.
Some of my approaches, suggestions, and participation here are coloured 
by those limitations (also by expensive, slow, uncompetitive networks).]

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This email may be disturbing to some readers as it contains
too much technical detail. Reader discretion is advised.
[Data in binary units and prefixes, physical quantities in SI.]

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