About DLL compilation problem

Ricardo Santos Pereira arsoftware25@gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 16:10:59 GMT 2021

Hi Corina

just figured out that a .def file in a dll may export function from a dll
that is referenced in the compilation stage like this:

gcc file.c external.dll def.def -o out.dll

if in the def.def it has a function that is in the file.c and also
available in external.dll it may generate an invalid out.dll

I don't know but this looks like a problem in gcc that need to be fixed,
spend one hour modifying my function in file.c and it was linking with

then I commented the function inside file.c and saw the compilation stage
finished without a link error

if it is a GCC feature then a warning about expernal DLL linkage could help
a lot when the function exported is inside an external DLL

hope to have explained it in an easy way


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