Cygwin packages with unnecessary __pycache__ directories

Adam Dinwoodie
Tue Nov 30 17:44:06 GMT 2021

Hi all,

I spotted earlier today that there are a significant number of Cygwin
packages that seem to include __pycache__ directories in the package.
I'd have expected this to be an error, and any Python code to be
distributed without the __pycache__ directories so that the local
Python installation can compile the bytecode locally. Certainly
distributing these files seems like it would unnecessarily inflate the
size of the affected packages.

Assuming this is actually an issue, and these directories aren't
desirable for some reason that hasn't occurred to me, I suspect fixing
this is most easily achieved by an update to cygport to automatically
exclude those directories. Once that's done, the next time the
affected packages are rebuilt they'd automatically miss these
extraneous files.

There's a list of affected packages at


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