Request: pdf2svg 0.2.3

Brian Inglis
Sun Nov 28 18:16:53 GMT 2021

On 2021-11-28 05:45, Samuel Lelièvre via Cygwin wrote:
> This is to kindly request upgrading two existing
> packages for mathematical software (Singular and
> FLINT), and creating packages for two other pieces
> of software, one mathematical library for arbitrary
> precision real and complex floating point
> calculations based on ball arithmetic (Arb),
> and one graphics utility for converting between
> graphical file formats, from pdf to svg (pdf2svg).

> - package pdf2svg 0.2.3

The pdf2svg home page recommends instead pdftocairo from the poppler 
package, which does the same and is maintained as part of the package, 
rather than being a standalone utility which integrates the two, and is 
not as well maintained:

$ pdftocairo --help
pdftocairo version 21.01.0
Copyright 2005-2021 The Poppler Developers -
Copyright 1996-2011 Glyph & Cog, LLC
Usage: pdftocairo [options] <PDF-file> [<output-file>]
   -png                     : generate a PNG file
   -jpeg                    : generate a JPEG file
   -jpegopt <string>        : jpeg options, with format 
   -tiff                    : generate a TIFF file
   -tiffcompression <string>: set TIFF compression: none, packbits, 
jpeg, lzw, deflate
   -ps                      : generate PostScript file
   -eps                     : generate Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)
   -pdf                     : generate a PDF file
   -svg                     : generate a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file
   -f <int>                 : first page to print
   -l <int>                 : last page to print
   -o                       : print only odd pages
   -e                       : print only even pages
   -singlefile              : write only the first page and do not add 
   -r <fp>                  : resolution, in PPI (default is 150)
   -rx <fp>                 : X resolution, in PPI (default is 150)
   -ry <fp>                 : Y resolution, in PPI (default is 150)
   -scale-to <int>          : scales each page to fit within 
scale-to*scale-to pixel box
   -scale-to-x <int>        : scales each page horizontally to fit in 
scale-to-x pixels
   -scale-to-y <int>        : scales each page vertically to fit in 
scale-to-y pixels
   -x <int>                 : x-coordinate of the crop area top left corner
   -y <int>                 : y-coordinate of the crop area top left corner
   -W <int>                 : width of crop area in pixels (default is 0)
   -H <int>                 : height of crop area in pixels (default is 0)
   -sz <int>                : size of crop square in pixels (sets W and H)
   -cropbox                 : use the crop box rather than media box
   -mono                    : generate a monochrome image file (PNG, JPEG)
   -gray                    : generate a grayscale image file (PNG, JPEG)
   -transp                  : use a transparent background instead of 
white (PNG)
   -antialias <string>      : set cairo antialias option
   -icc <string>            : ICC color profile to use
   -level2                  : generate Level 2 PostScript (PS, EPS)
   -level3                  : generate Level 3 PostScript (PS, EPS)
   -origpagesizes           : conserve original page sizes (PS, PDF, SVG)
   -paper <string>          : paper size (letter, legal, A4, A3, match)
   -paperw <int>            : paper width, in points
   -paperh <int>            : paper height, in points
   -nocrop                  : don't crop pages to CropBox
   -expand                  : expand pages smaller than the paper size
   -noshrink                : don't shrink pages larger than the paper size
   -nocenter                : don't center pages smaller than the paper size
   -duplex                  : enable duplex printing
   -opw <string>            : owner password (for encrypted files)
   -upw <string>            : user password (for encrypted files)
   -q                       : don't print any messages or errors
   -v                       : print copyright and version info
   -h                       : print usage information
   -help                    : print usage information
   --help                   : print usage information
   -?                       : print usage information

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This email may be disturbing to some readers as it contains
too much technical detail. Reader discretion is advised.
[Data in binary units and prefixes, physical quantities in SI.]

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