Request: Singular 4.2.1p2, FLINT 2.8.4, Arb 2.21.1, pdf2svg 0.2.3

Samuel Lelièvre
Sun Nov 28 12:45:03 GMT 2021

Dear Cygwin package maintainers,

This is to kindly request upgrading two existing
packages for mathematical software (Singular and
FLINT), and creating packages for two other pieces
of software, one mathematical library for arbitrary
precision real and complex floating point
calculations based on ball arithmetic (Arb),
and one graphics utility for converting between
graphical file formats, from pdf to svg (pdf2svg).

My wishlist as a list with extra links:

- upgrade "singular" package to Singular 4.2.1p2

- upgrade "flint" package to FLINT 2.8.4

- package Arb 2.21.1

- package pdf2svg 0.2.3

Or if someone can teach me how to do that,
I would be happy to learn in order to be able
to contribute in the future. In particular there
are a number of other pieces of mathematical
software I would like to help package.

Thanks for all the packaging effort.   --Samuel

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