raise(-1) has stopped returning an error recently

Duncan Roe duncan_roe@optusnet.com.au
Sun Nov 28 03:04:10 GMT 2021

On Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 11:01:46AM -0700, cygwin wrote: [...]
> Trying to rerun cygport build most tests are now "skipped test: failed to
> find an adequate shell SKIP ... (exit status: 77)"! Something more may have
> changed (in gnulib?) to invalidate Cygwin shell(s) in something updated
> since that grep release in August, as I am getting the same skipped tests
> under GitHub CI, although it could just be that something expects say bash >
> 4.4 or even >= 5!
They all pass for me in a directory tree created by 'make dist' under Linux.
Maybe something changed in your test environment?

N.B. grep maintainer replaced my patch with a fancier one that creates new
surrogate-search test that Cygwin skips.

Cheers ... Duncan.

PASS: backref
PASS: backref-alt
PASS: backref-multibyte-slow
PASS: backref-word
PASS: backslash-dot
PASS: backslash-s-and-repetition-operators
PASS: backslash-s-vs-invalid-multibyte
big-hole: skipped test: expensive: disabled by default
SKIP: big-hole
big-match: skipped test: expensive: disabled by default
SKIP: big-match
PASS: binary-file-matches
PASS: bogus-wctob
PASS: bre
PASS: c-locale
PASS: case-fold-backref
PASS: case-fold-backslash-w
PASS: case-fold-char-class
PASS: case-fold-char-range
PASS: case-fold-char-type
PASS: case-fold-titlecase
PASS: char-class-multibyte
PASS: char-class-multibyte2
PASS: context-0
PASS: count-newline
PASS: dfa-coverage
PASS: dfa-heap-overrun
PASS: dfa-infloop
PASS: dfa-invalid-utf8
PASS: dfaexec-multibyte
PASS: empty
PASS: empty-line
PASS: empty-line-mb
PASS: encoding-error
PASS: epipe
XFAIL: equiv-classes
PASS: ere
PASS: euc-mb
false-match-mb-non-utf8: skipped test: no support for the zh_CN.gb18030 locale
SKIP: false-match-mb-non-utf8
PASS: fedora
PASS: fgrep-infloop
PASS: fgrep-longest
PASS: file
PASS: filename-lineno.pl
PASS: fmbtest
PASS: foad1
PASS: grep-dev-null
PASS: grep-dev-null-out
PASS: grep-dir
PASS: hash-collision-perf
PASS: help-version
PASS: high-bit-range
PASS: in-eq-out-infloop
PASS: include-exclude
PASS: inconsistent-range
PASS: initial-tab
PASS: invalid-multibyte-infloop
PASS: khadafy
PASS: kwset-abuse
long-line-vs-2GiB-read: skipped test: expensive: disabled by default
SKIP: long-line-vs-2GiB-read
long-pattern-perf: skipped test: expensive: disabled by default
SKIP: long-pattern-perf
many-regex-performance: skipped test: expensive: disabled by default
SKIP: many-regex-performance
PASS: match-lines
PASS: max-count-overread
PASS: max-count-vs-context
PASS: mb-dot-newline
PASS: mb-non-UTF8-overrun
PASS: mb-non-UTF8-perf-Fw
mb-non-UTF8-performance: skipped test: expensive: disabled by default
SKIP: mb-non-UTF8-performance
PASS: mb-non-UTF8-word-boundary
 warning: \s failed to match \x0a in the en_US.UTF-8 locale
 warning: \s failed to match \x85 in the en_US.UTF-8 locale
 warning: \s failed to match \xe2\x80\x8b in the en_US.UTF-8 locale
 warning: \S mistakenly matched \xe2\x80\x8b in the en_US.UTF-8 locale
PASS: multibyte-white-space
PASS: multiple-begin-or-end-line
PASS: null-byte
PASS: options
pcre: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre
pcre-abort: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-abort
pcre-context: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-context
pcre-count: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-count
pcre-infloop: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-infloop
pcre-invalid-utf8-infloop: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-invalid-utf8-infloop
pcre-invalid-utf8-input: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-invalid-utf8-input
pcre-jitstack: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-jitstack
pcre-o: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-o
pcre-utf8: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-utf8
pcre-w: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-w
pcre-wx-backref: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-wx-backref
pcre-z: skipped test: no PCRE support
SKIP: pcre-z
PASS: posix-bracket
PASS: prefix-of-multibyte
PASS: proc
PASS: r-dot
PASS: repetition-overflow
PASS: reversed-range-endpoints
PASS: sjis-mb
PASS: skip-device
PASS: skip-read
PASS: spencer1
PASS: spencer1-locale
PASS: stack-overflow
PASS: status
PASS: surrogate-pair
surrogate-search: skipped test: surrogate-pair search string on Cygwin, where it cannot work
SKIP: surrogate-search
PASS: symlink
triple-backref: expect malfunction on glibc systems due to https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=11053
XFAIL: triple-backref
PASS: turkish-I
PASS: turkish-I-without-dot
turkish-eyes: skipped test: your tr_TR.UTF-8 locale appears to be broken
SKIP: turkish-eyes
PASS: two-chars
PASS: two-files
PASS: unibyte-binary
PASS: unibyte-bracket-expr
PASS: unibyte-negated-circumflex
PASS: utf8-bracket
PASS: warn-char-classes
PASS: word-delim-multibyte
PASS: word-multi-file
PASS: word-multibyte
PASS: write-error-msg
PASS: yesno
PASS: z-anchor-newline
Testsuite summary for GNU grep 3.7.42-9c15
# TOTAL: 118
# PASS:  94
# SKIP:  22
# XFAIL: 2
# FAIL:  0
# XPASS: 0
# ERROR: 0
## ---------------------------- Gnulib tests ---------------------------- ##
PASS: test-alignof.exe
PASS: test-alloca-opt.exe
PASS: test-argmatch.exe
PASS: test-arpa_inet.exe
PASS: test-binary-io.sh
PASS: test-bind.exe
PASS: test-bitrotate.exe
PASS: test-btowc1.sh
PASS: test-btowc2.sh
PASS: test-c-ctype.exe
PASS: test-c-stack.sh
PASS: test-c-stack2.sh
PASS: test-c-strcase.sh
PASS: test-calloc-gnu.exe
PASS: test-chdir.exe
PASS: test-cloexec.exe
PASS: test-close.exe
PASS: test-connect.exe
PASS: test-ctype.exe
PASS: test-dfa-invalid-char-class.sh
PASS: test-dfa-invalid-merge.sh
PASS: test-dfa-match.sh
PASS: test-dirent.exe
PASS: test-dup.exe
PASS: test-dup2.exe
PASS: test-dynarray.exe
PASS: test-environ.exe
PASS: test-errno.exe
PASS: test-exclude1.sh
PASS: test-exclude2.sh
PASS: test-exclude3.sh
PASS: test-exclude4.sh
PASS: test-exclude5.sh
PASS: test-exclude6.sh
PASS: test-exclude7.sh
PASS: test-exclude8.sh
PASS: test-fchdir.exe
PASS: test-fcntl-h.exe
PASS: test-fcntl-safer.exe
PASS: test-fcntl.exe
PASS: test-fdopen.exe
PASS: test-fdopendir.exe
PASS: test-fgetc.exe
PASS: test-float.exe
PASS: test-fnmatch-h.exe
PASS: test-fnmatch.exe
PASS: test-fopen-gnu.exe
PASS: test-fopen.exe
PASS: test-fpending.sh
PASS: test-fputc.exe
PASS: test-fread.exe
PASS: test-free.exe
PASS: test-fstat.exe
PASS: test-fstatat.exe
PASS: test-ftruncate.sh
PASS: test-fwrite.exe
PASS: test-getcwd-lgpl.exe
PASS: test-getdtablesize.exe
PASS: test-getopt-gnu.exe
PASS: test-getopt-posix.exe
PASS: test-getprogname.exe
PASS: test-gettimeofday.exe
PASS: test-hard-locale.exe
PASS: test-hash.exe
PASS: test-i-ring.exe
PASS: test-iconv-h.exe
PASS: test-iconv.exe
PASS: test-ignore-value.exe
PASS: test-inet_pton.exe
PASS: test-intprops.exe
PASS: test-inttostr.exe
PASS: test-inttypes.exe
PASS: test-ioctl.exe
PASS: test-isatty.exe
PASS: test-isblank.exe
PASS: test-iswblank.exe
PASS: test-iswdigit.sh
PASS: test-iswxdigit.sh
PASS: test-langinfo.exe
PASS: test-limits-h.exe
PASS: test-listen.exe
PASS: test-locale.exe
PASS: test-localeconv.exe
PASS: test-localename.exe
PASS: test-lseek.sh
PASS: test-lstat.exe
PASS: test-malloc-gnu.exe
PASS: test-malloca.exe
SKIP: test-mbscasecmp.sh
PASS: test-mbsinit.sh
PASS: test-mbsrtowcs1.sh
PASS: test-mbsrtowcs2.sh
PASS: test-mbsrtowcs3.sh
SKIP: test-mbsrtowcs4.sh
PASS: test-mbsstr1.exe
PASS: test-mbsstr2.sh
SKIP: test-mbsstr3.sh
PASS: test-memchr.exe
PASS: test-memchr2.exe
PASS: test-memrchr.exe
PASS: test-nanosleep.exe
PASS: test-netinet_in.exe
PASS: test-nl_langinfo.sh
PASS: test-nl_langinfo-mt.exe
PASS: test-open.exe
PASS: test-openat-safer.exe
PASS: test-openat.exe
PASS: test-pathmax.exe
PASS: test-perror.sh
PASS: test-perror2.exe
PASS: test-pipe.exe
PASS: test-pthread.exe
PASS: test-pthread-thread.exe
PASS: test-pthread_sigmask1.exe
PASS: test-pthread_sigmask2.exe
PASS: test-quotearg-simple.exe
PASS: test-raise.exe
PASS: test-rawmemchr.exe
PASS: test-read.exe
PASS: test-realloc-gnu.exe
PASS: test-reallocarray.exe
PASS: test-regex.exe
PASS: test-sched.exe
PASS: test-select.exe
PASS: test-select-in.sh
PASS: test-select-out.sh
PASS: test-setenv.exe
PASS: test-setlocale_null.exe
PASS: test-setlocale_null-mt-one.exe
PASS: test-setlocale_null-mt-all.exe
PASS: test-setlocale1.sh
PASS: test-setlocale2.sh
PASS: test-setsockopt.exe
PASS: test-sigaction.exe
PASS: test-signal-h.exe
PASS: test-sigprocmask.exe
PASS: test-sigsegv-catch-segv1.exe
PASS: test-sigsegv-catch-segv2.exe
PASS: test-sigsegv-catch-stackoverflow1.exe
PASS: test-sigsegv-catch-stackoverflow2.exe
PASS: test-sleep.exe
PASS: test-snprintf.exe
PASS: test-sockets.exe
PASS: test-stat.exe
PASS: test-stat-time.exe
PASS: test-stdalign.exe
PASS: test-stdbool.exe
PASS: test-stddef.exe
PASS: test-stdint.exe
PASS: test-stdio.exe
PASS: test-stdlib.exe
PASS: test-strerror.exe
PASS: test-strerror_r.exe
PASS: test-striconv.exe
PASS: test-string.exe
PASS: test-strnlen.exe
PASS: test-strstr.exe
PASS: test-strtoimax.exe
PASS: test-strtoll.exe
PASS: test-strtoull.exe
PASS: test-strtoumax.exe
PASS: test-symlink.exe
PASS: test-sys_ioctl.exe
PASS: test-sys_select.exe
PASS: test-sys_socket.exe
PASS: test-sys_stat.exe
PASS: test-sys_time.exe
PASS: test-sys_types.exe
PASS: test-sys_uio.exe
PASS: test-init.sh
PASS: test-thread_self.exe
PASS: test-thread_create.exe
PASS: test-time.exe
PASS: test-dup-safer.exe
PASS: test-unistd.exe
PASS: test-u8-mbtoucr.exe
PASS: test-u8-uctomb.exe
PASS: test-uc_width.exe
PASS: uniwidth/test-uc_width2.sh
PASS: test-unsetenv.exe
PASS: test-vasnprintf.exe
PASS: test-vc-list-files-git.sh
SKIP: test-vc-list-files-cvs.sh
PASS: test-verify.exe
PASS: test-verify.sh
PASS: test-version-etc.sh
PASS: test-wchar.exe
PASS: test-wcrtomb.sh
SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-1.sh
SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-2.sh
SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-3.sh
SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-4.sh
SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-5.sh
SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-6.sh
SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-7.sh
PASS: test-wctype-h.exe
PASS: test-wcwidth.exe
PASS: test-xalloc-die.sh
PASS: test-xstrtoimax.sh
PASS: test-xstrtol.sh
Testsuite summary for GNU grep 3.7.42-9c15
# TOTAL: 201
# PASS:  190
# SKIP:  11
# XFAIL: 0
# FAIL:  0
# XPASS: 0
# ERROR: 0

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