issues with cygwin programs in windows console

Миронов Леонид Владимирович
Tue Nov 23 08:53:49 GMT 2021

Something, probably a recent windows 10 update (currently at 10.0.17763.2300 - way behind, but it is LTSC) broke cygwin programs using fullscreen (ncurses?) console output e.g. less, mc, vi when run in Windows console windows (cmd and such): they produce no output at all, just black screen with cursor in the top-left corner, but seem to be running and processing keyboard input as expected e.g. when q is pressed less exits and finally prints a screenful of text it was supposed to show from the very start. No issues when these programs run in proper cygwin terminal (mintty). I found two workarounds, but neither one is perfect. One is to set TERM=cygwin but less won't clear the screen on exit and home/end don't work (incidentally setting TERM=xterm like in minnty doesn't help at all). Another workaround is to switch windows console to legacy mode. Is there a better way to run these programs in windows console without starting mintty?

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