terminfo packaging glitch?

Fergus Daly fergusd84@outlook.com
Thu Nov 18 16:47:21 GMT 2021

Sorry Brian: missed yours when replying to Andrey.

Brian said:

> I can't find anything anywhere on my system or the web suggesting a 
> source for that. Something you or some script did on your system?
> How did you find the links in your 2014 "Missing links" post: from 
> cygcheck -c|-s? What were the associated packages?
>	https://cygwin.com/legacy-ml/cygwin/2014-07/msg00289.html

I found the weird / missing links through a much less cerebral approach than that suggested by you, I'm afraid.
As follows:
I usually have more than one Cygwin setup (e.g one on a drive on PC1, one on a drive on PC2, one on a stick, ..).
If I compare any two (that are intended to be identical) using
$ diff -rq /setup1 /setup2 > diffs.1 2> diffs.2
then apart from unimportant binary-file-by-binary-file byte differences occurring during installation (and some
important differences worth attention) identified in the file diffs.1, there are often discrepancies, mis-labelling,
and other glitches worth investigating and / or needing correction to be found in the file diffs.2.
(I had forgotten that the particular weirdness
/usr/share/terminfo/terminfo -> /usr/share/terminfo/
had a history - and such a long one.)

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