Misbehaviour of cygpath -am between versions 3.1.4 and 3.3.2

Wolfgang S. Kechel wolfgang.kechel@prs.de
Wed Nov 17 14:41:44 GMT 2021

Dear folks!

The command 'cygpath -am .' yields different results between 
cygwin-3.1.4-1 and cygwin-3.3.2-1 on a Windows 10 box when the current 
directory is a network share.

Example with V3.1.4:

cygpath -am .  ---> P:/mytool/gbuild/wintel/libtiff

Example with V3.3.2-1

cygpath -am .  ---> //mynas.mydomain.de/product/mytool/gbuild/wintel/libtiff

This causes UNC filenames to appear and this cmd.exe is unable to start 
in those directories when started from a cygwin shell or from nmake run 
in a cygwin shell.

I prefer to get the old behaviour back since it worked for 20+ years up 
to now - or at least an option to enable the old behavior again.

Please note that I have not subscribed to any cygwin mailing list.

Thanks in advance and best regards


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