Portable CygWin version for Windows?

Shaddy Baddah lithium-cygwin@shaddybaddah.name
Sun Nov 14 22:29:11 GMT 2021

On 15/11/21 3:36 am, Achim Gratz wrote:

> Andrey Repin via Cygwin writes:
>> You will have to format the stick to NTFS, and run rebaseall for each time you
>> insert your stick into a new system, which defeats the very idea of having a
>> "portable Cygwin" - it will always be tied to a specific system.
> It all depends on what you want to do with it and wahtr limitations you
> are able and willing to accept, but those dependencies are what makes it
> hard to have that "portable Cygwin".
> And no, you don't need to run rebaseall each time you use the stick on a
> new system, but it may well not work at all for entirely different
> reasons if you chose NTFS (and a host of other problems if you don't and
> go with FAT32).

Further, you will have to be realistic as to which Windows installs
you expect to be able run Cygwin off of the USB stick, on.

Unfortunately, I've observed quite a few corporate Windows installs
disable running executables off of removable media.

I recall being able to defeat that by avoiding running directly from
the Windows shell (explorer.exe), but... your mileage may vary, so to

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