Portable CygWin version for Windows?

Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 12:40:55 GMT 2021

On 14.11.2021 12:38, Fergus Daly via Cygwin wrote:
> Am 14.11.2021 um 11:32 schrieb Marco Atzeri via Cygwin:
>> On 14.11.2021 08:37, Peter Steiner via Cygwin wrote:
>>> On webpage
>>> https://cygwin.com/
>>> I found only a CgyWin Installer to download.
>>> I prefer to put CygWin on an USB flash drive and run it on various
>>> computers without leaving installation traces.
>>> Is there really no portable version to download?
>> correct. No one should install all the files
>>> What if I install it once one computer and copy all the files to my
>>> USB flash drive?
>>> Are there any disadvantages?
>> The file permissions will be not correct.
> Actually, if you format your USB stick to NTFS, this should work. I
> remember to have had a mobile cygwin stick around a while ago.

Not if you use the same USB installation in different computers with 
different users.

Also if the User has the same windows name, the IDE on
different computers are different


>> What you can do is use the USB stick as location for the cache download
>> and install from the USB on the other computers.

> I've had a FAT32 portable USB stick supporting both Cygwin32 and Cygwin64
> for, dunno, 20 years or something. I made a new one from scratch last night, actually,
> absolutely coincidentally to this post. Whilst not "Full" the installation is way in advance
> of "Base". I just run
> setup -P <list of packages I want - exactly 50 of them>
> at the Windows command prompt, installing to a formatted FAT32 stick, and away I go.
> Time after time after time.
> Fergus

Installation for USB is a different thing as no special permissions
are needed by setup to use the cache files.
PS: it is what I was recommending

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