Problem with permissions - veritas backup software not working

Andrey Repin
Sat Nov 13 16:13:24 GMT 2021

Greetings, Cary Lewis!

> Something ran off the rails with my windows 10 PC running cygwin a few
> months ago.

> I am using Veritas System Recovery System to backup my machine, and it
> started failing about 6 months ago.

> When I run a diagnostic that is supposed to confirm if the VSS subsystem is
> working correctly, it complains that the C:\  SYSTEM does not have full
> control. When I attempt to run the 'fix' it complains that the access
> control list is not in canonical order.

> Can someone please try to explain what might be going on, and how I might
> fix it?

> Is it safe to try to use the icals /reset utility or will that break
> cygwin's permission handling?

If that only complaints about root directory permissions, you may reset them.
Just don't touch permissions inside Cygwin installation root.
In regard to canonical order of permissions, some (some!) of the POSIX
permission combinations can't be correctly represented in any other way, and
there's no reason permissions MUST always be in canonical order. It's a
convention, not a requirement. But many a tool are unable to deal with
permissions not in a canonical order and you must be very careful when seeing
such alert. Reordering permissions in such case may actually make things

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Saturday, November 13, 2021 19:08:43

Sorry for my terrible english...

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