Cygwin 3.3.1 tgmath.h plus log10() gives "error: no matching function for type-generic call"

Ed .
Mon Nov 8 06:31:14 GMT 2021

Dear Cygwin folks,

As shown in this run of PDL (Perl Data Language)’s CI, our new use of tgmath.h is causing a problem with log10:

The error is:

In file included from pp-log10.c:56:
1744<>ops.pd: In function ‘pdl_log10_readdata’:
1745<>ops.pd:321:35: error: no matching function for type-generic call

The line numbers aren’t directly meaningful due to my enthusiastic use of #line in the project, but I believe the error is triggered by calling log10() with an unsigned char. This appears to work fine on GCC on Linux (and Windows, and with clang on MacOS).

I tried for some time to find out which versions of GCC, glibc etc Cygwin 3.3.1 includes, and was unsuccessful. The best I could see was that the Choco package seems to also include “[Cygwin] 11 install gcc-core 11.2.0-1”.

Any pointers (ha!) gratefully received.

Best regards,

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