Add libtool use to autotools package

Brian Inglis
Sun Nov 7 17:23:06 GMT 2021

Hi folks,

I am trying to port:

as Xcurses to build THE-X11 on Cygwin.

Has anyone got any (sources of) advice for adding recent libtool support 
to a recent autotools package that does not use libtool (uses Linux 

The autobook is outdated and resembles nothing in current packages' using libtool.
Using libtoolize with explanations of what it actually does other than 
under autoreconf, giving real definitions and examples rather than 
simple toys in a foo package, is not covered anywhere I can find.
Autotools documentation appears to be written assuming the reader is a 
developer with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of autotools, 
so the information provided is either redundant or useless, depending on 
whether you already know what they are talking about, which renders the 
documentation less useful for packagers trying to get packages to build!
Other autotools "documentation" suggests libtool is outdated, to be 
avoided, and offers alternatives to autotools!

Some questions I may need to be able to answer to move forward:
What are the important source package considerations to know?
Should I run libtoolize with all defaults in the source package src 
directory and/or the x11 subdirectory?
Should I add LT_INIT to
Should I add parameter [win32-dll]?
Should I add ABI age and current version info and where to?
Are there other files that need to be manually added or modified for 
libtool to work?
Is there an approach documented somewhere for converting Linux library 
commands to generic libtool commands?

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This email may be disturbing to some readers as it contains
too much technical detail. Reader discretion is advised.
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