Request for updates to packages itcl 4.1.1, itk 4.1.0, iwidgets 4.1.1

Jan Nijtmans
Thu Nov 4 16:20:45 GMT 2021

Op vr 29 okt. 2021 om 17:13 schreef Claudius Schnörr:
> if cygwin was updated to these package versions: itcl 4.1.1, itk 4.1.0,
> iwidgets 4.1.1
> the package git://, a very good
> GUI-frontend to gdb, would be available on cygwin again.
> Attached are the cygport files with necessary modifications the
> maintainer of insight provided. These are no patches but might be
> helpful for cygwin packagers by comparing them to the original ones.
> When upgrades to these packages are available I can check whether
> insight can be built on cygwin.

Thank you for your interest.  Itcl/Itk 4.2.2 is close to being released,
just as Tcl/Tk 8.6.12.  So you can expect new versions in a
few weeks from now.

         Jan Nijtmans

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