Service Restarted Success

Paras Winter
Wed Nov 3 15:07:33 GMT 2021


Auto-Renewel Successful.

We are working on getting your DVD copy deliverd in two days.

For assistance, you may call us at our toll-free no *?**1**|**(850)**:’*

*Order Summary Below :*

*Transaction Number: #4262TTB677*

*Product/Service: Geek Squad Protection 2021*

*Expected Delivery: 04.00, PM 03/11/2021*

*Subtotal - $ 249.00*

*Delivery Charges - $0.00*

*Grand Total : $249.00*

However, if there is no status change in your planned membership, please
feel free to call us at *1**|t**(850)**.t**389**:**-**:**4493*.

Happy to help!

Thank You.

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