deploy Nedit and Xnedit

Valerio Messina
Mon May 31 12:24:39 GMT 2021

I want to create a Win64 package of Nedit and Xnedit [1], with the 
minimum set of file dependencies, to be distributed on systems that does 
not have Cygwin installed (mainly for users that do not know well *ix)

Both applications depend on same libraries, but the second one has 
Unicode support. Both applications depend on Motif as Toolkit.

Nedit work in Cygwin as expected as is a Cygwin package.
I can successfully build Xnedit (with a little patch) in Cygwin and work 
very well inside Cygwin.

Using ldd I can successfully create a CMD sandbox package of Nedit that 
do not complaint for missing DLL dependencies.
The same for Xnedit, I can generate the same package.

To both I added:
.\sh.exe (and its deps)

and created a script that define a minimum of env variables:

Running Nedit in the CMD sandbox I got this error:
X Error:  BadAlloc
   Request Major code 53 ()
   Error Serial #2732
   Current Serial #2752

while running Xnedit I got this error:
Cannot open default font

with Xnedit is XftFontOpenName() that fail, see text.c in line 824

I also copied fonts files in:
(where is pointing fonts.conf)
but the errors are the same.

Then I created a .Xresources file with:
nedit*faceName: Monospace
nedit*faceName: DejaVuSansMono
and load it with:
$ xrdb -merge .Xresources
than check is loaded with:
$ xrdb -q
Same errors.

I saw that fc-match in Cygwin results in:
$ fc-match mono
DejaVuSansMono.ttf: "DejaVu Sans Mono" "Book"

while in the CMD sandbox show no output.

There must still be some fontconfig configuration files that I forgot.
I would be very grateful to someone who knows how fontconfig works to 
support me in creating these packages.

I looked in FAQ and Documentation but I do not found nothing specific.
Where can I find documentation on deploy a Cygwin build application and 
package that with all its the dependencies?


thank you,

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