realpath issue with native[strict] symlinks

Jeremy Drake
Fri May 28 19:23:17 GMT 2021

On Thu, 27 May 2021, Jeremy Drake wrote:

> > > Treating mapped/subst drives as though they were not symlinks, without
> > > messing with intermedate symlinks.
> >
> > It was that simple, surprise, surprise...
> It turns out it wasn't, after all.  This only seems to work at the root of
> a subst-ed drive.  I just got the following error:

I was thinking about this more, and maybe I'm fixated on the wrong code
(since that code change "broke" it).  Perhaps SUBST drives *should* be
treated as native symlinks, and what needs to change is that native
symlinks should not be dereferenced when launching native programs.  I
assume the symlink-dereferencing there predates the native symlink
support, and was required since native programs wouldn't be able to
traverse a cygwin symlink or .lnk file.

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