realpath issue with native[strict] symlinks

Jeremy Drake
Thu May 27 20:21:29 GMT 2021

> > Treating mapped/subst drives as though they were not symlinks, without
> > messing with intermedate symlinks.
> It was that simple, surprise, surprise...

It turns out it wasn't, after all.  This only seems to work at the root of
a subst-ed drive.  I just got the following error:
error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:

Where T:\ -> C:\msys32\home\Administrator\MINGW-packages and current
directory was under /t/

I was under the impression that that code iterated through path
components, so simply claiming that it wasn't a symlink when it got to the
"symlink" at the root of the drive would suffice, but apparently it's not
so simple.

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