[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: psl{, -make-dafsa}, libpsl{_5, -devel, -doc} 0.21.1

Cygwin libpsl Maintainer Brian.Inglis@SystematicSW.ab.ca
Sat May 22 02:37:09 GMT 2021

The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* psl			0.21.1
* psl-make-dafsa	0.21.1
* libpsl5		0.21.1
* libpsl-devel		0.21.1
* libpsl-doc		0.21.1

Public Suffix List library

A public suffix is a domain suffix under which Internet users could
or can directly register domain names e.g. .com, .co.uk, and pvt.k12.ma.us.
The Public Suffix List is a list of all known public suffixes.

For more information see the project home page:


Please see below or read /usr/share/doc/libpsl/NEWS after installation
for complete details of changes:


Release 0.21.1		18.07.2020

* Fixing a test due to recent changes in upstream PSL
* Meson build improvements
* Documentation cleanups
* Use semantic versioning for git tags

Note: DAFSA is a Deterministic Acyclic Finite State Automaton - a
preprocessed list which can be quickly and easily used by programs.

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