[cygwin] Re: sshd high cpu load

Jason Pyeron jpyeron@pdinc.us
Thu May 20 16:10:32 GMT 2021

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> Anyone?

Psst, put at bottom.

> On 5/19/2021 12:48 AM, A. Doggy wrote:
> > To Cygwin,
> >
> >
> > I am running cygwin openssh as a windows service. I have been doing so
> > for many years with out issue. Recently, I have been running into an
> > issue where it maxes out my cpu on any version newer than 8.4p1-1.

Observed 100% CPU on server 2012 r2 x64 joined to AD, not internet access. Issue intermittent. Unable to confirm if same issue.

openssh                     8.5p1-1

> > The
> > solution is to downgrade to 8.4p1-1.

Have not had enough time to test - planning on Sunday.

> > My server machine is a dell t330
> > running windows 10. I am not a business despite using business grade
> > hardware.I have tried both 20h2 and 21h1 but no luck. There are no
> > users signed in when the issues occur and occurs within minutes of
> > booting up. The only change from the default config is I have it
> > running on a nonstandard port. Any advice is welcome as I really would
> > like to upgrade to a newer version. Thanks

Our environment is different in almost every metric, testing is planned.

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