sshd high cpu load

A. Doggy
Wed May 19 04:48:37 GMT 2021

To Cygwin,

I am running cygwin openssh as a windows service. I have been doing so 
for many years with out issue. Recently, I have been running into an 
issue where it maxes out my cpu on any version newer than 8.4p1-1. The 
solution is to downgrade to 8.4p1-1. My server machine is a dell t330 
running windows 10. I am not a business despite using business grade 
hardware.I have tried both 20h2 and 21h1 but no luck. There are no users 
signed in when the issues occur and occurs within minutes of booting up. 
The only change from the default config is I have it running on a 
nonstandard port. Any advice is welcome as I really would like to 
upgrade to a newer version. Thanks

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