X11 blinking cursor in text window like 'gvim' - only halts if moved-over another X11-win

L A Walsh cygwin@tlinx.org
Wed Jun 16 17:41:12 GMT 2021

On 2021/04/08 04:19, Andrey Repin wrote:
> It has it in every version starting Windows 95/NT4.
> @Linda: try http://joelpurra.com/Projects/X-Mouse_Controls/
Just had the occasion to need it, since had to re-inst W7.
Unfortunately, it immediately dumps core.  Very odd.

Dependency walker tries and issues an immediate failure:
00:00:00.000: Failure starting the process. The request is not supported 

That looks suspiciously like MS's latest strike against
Win7, telling people it's incompatible with newer SW.

At least reinst'ing W7 gave me a chance to catch Adobe's SW
timebomb destroying my Photoshop CS5 exploding as it happens
and their fans telling me how it was crazy for me
to expect old SW to work on a newer HW as an excuse for
why PS5 would stop working after getting a newer
Graphix card to replace an older one that died ...
for some reason, TWICE NOW, upgrading Win7-Ult to itself
has restored PS5's ability to work with NVidia's latest
hardware.  Now, after re-inst'ing Win7 on itself to repair
a prob, PS5 works again w/latest Nvidia HW -- at least until
I reconnect my desktop to the internet and allow Adobe to
re-download their malware and kill it again (something I've
seen happen about 4 times now with a 5th time in the making).


Used to be SW timebombs were a criminal act.  Then they became
a Corporate way of doing business...

*double sigh*....

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