Python for Windows reports wrong local time when run under Cygwin on Europe/Moscow TZ

Fri Jun 11 05:38:31 GMT 2021

Ken Brown via Cygwin writes:
> Can you be more specific?  What goes wrong if TZ is not set?  I
> haven't seen any POSIX or Linux documentation that says it should be
> set, and I've just checked on two different Linux distros that it's
> not set by default.

The scripts in base-files were introduced in 2012 after an explicit
request by Corinna:

Whether any or all of this is still relevant needs to be checked before
we turn around and change the default again.

You can always change it locally by modifying the scripts so that the
defaults from base-files are not used anymore.  If you'd generally want
to do that I would recommend to create a local package that does all
these modifications to make it portable across all your systems and

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