Request for an update bison package

Marco Atzeri
Tue Jun 8 18:40:45 GMT 2021

On 08.06.2021 19:57, Song Yang via Cygwin wrote:
> Dear Cygwin,
> I am a fan of Bison and Flex. The current version of Bison on Cygwin is
> from 2015. Can someone update it?

the maintainer is still around. Eric ?

> I am interested in trying to update it myself. Is their a tutorial for that?

for what I see from the source package it was a vanilla build.
If it is not changed it should be enough to download the


file, extract the bison.cygport, update to latest version 3.7.6
and run it with cygport

  cygport bison.cygport download all check

> Thank you,
> Song


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