Python for Windows reports wrong local time when run under Cygwin on Europe/Moscow TZ

L A Walsh
Tue Jun 8 13:57:55 GMT 2021

On 2021/06/08 06:30, Mike Kaganski wrote:

> First of all - please stop telling me that I required support. I didn't 
> demand anything, and was asking *in the hope*, but without any wrong 
> expectations that anyone owes anything here. 

	Have you ever heard the statement "asking is polite
demanding."?   I've had lots of people tell me that for similar
reasons.  Don't stress this I really find more of this as humorous than
anything critical.

> I never claimed that 
> someone must support my use case - so please, please stop answering what 
> wasn't said.
	You didn't claim, you asked.  Also you asserted that your
python didn't work because of cygwin in the mix.  I'm not a cygwin
developer, but have used it for over 20 years.  I spoke up because
I am a computer scientist and the way you were describing the problem
was a bit on the amusing side, only because of the logic involved.

I am a free software developer, working on LibreOffice 
> project;
	congrats...I've never really gotten that far because i'm
too picky, and easily distractable among other reasons.

> That ... doesn't mean it's inappropriate to ask with 
> a hope, a question that could be *possibly* answered, and which answer 
> could happen to be helpful also to others.
	I know, I do it frequently, and am accused of waisting other
people's time for my work.  Unfortunately, it's a dynamic that is
hard for some people to deal with.

> The cygwin devs can't
>> support all the 3rd party programs that interfere.
> See above.
	You aren't getting that answering questions *IS* a form
of support.  For better or worse, most companies now hire
3rd party companies to do support who know nothing about the product.
They just ask general questions and keep having you do random 
maintenance and diagnostic tasks until something pops out that 
may answer the question, but more often until the customer is
discouraged enough to stop answering back.

	I took an issue to its final conclusion one time -- about
45 days of back and forth with them asking me to do various random
tasks and run 3rd party progs -- but none of them in support knew
anything about the product or the servers or the hardware -- they
weren't allowed to know -- they were there as a buffer, to keep
the users away from the developers!  That's how most companies operate
these days -- Google, Microsoft, NVidia, all the major game companies.
Like a call into nvidia where it doesn't install a driver for two
items.  I contacted nvidia and their support person couldn't answer
the question.  Instead, they put the problem on me because I was still
running Win7 and couldn't generate an activeX diag, but I could
run their own card diag -- but they focused on the activeX diag.
I countered with the fact that the two unknown devices are listed
as being attached to the video card.  Can't they look at a hardware
spec and tell me what is connected there?  They stopped responding.

	Like a previous issue, no doubt, it will stay open 
for ever in the "doing research state"....

	Anyway, I'm way off your original topic, but I hope I
at least gave you a few pointers -- even if you did think I was
criticizing, oh well...

	But I did what the 3rd party support people did and led you
along more generic ways of looking for the prob even though I know
little about cygwin internals.  Anyway, see you found a workaround,
so fab & have fun!

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