After cygwin 3.2 update windows terminal input is sometimes broken

L A Walsh
Tue Jun 8 11:41:35 GMT 2021

On 2021/06/06 22:08, Tomas Tumelionis via Cygwin wrote:
> Been using windows terminal preview (this is still actual with current
> latest version 1.9) and after cygwin 3.2 update windows terminal input is
> broken after:
> * splitting pane
> * moving terminal window to other window
> * sleeping pc
> This means that if I open the terminal and split pane, I can not enter text
> into the previous pane forever.
    Does the cygwin terminal still work?  Seems like you are reporting
a Windows problem in cygwin.  What does cygwin have to do with
a windows terminal -- it doesn't use cygwin at all, does it?  So
how does an update in cygwin cause a windows problem?

    You realize MS update your Terminal preview's OS almost daily, most
the time without you realizing it.  It's more likely they broke
it at the same time cygwin had an update, than something in cygwin
affecting Win10...

    If they have a version of the Terminal preview that runs on
Win7, though, I'll be happy to have a look at the problem... ;-)

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