[Bug] tmux 3.2-0

ASSI Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sat Jun 5 05:33:27 GMT 2021

Michael Wild via Cygwin writes:
> I just uploaded a patched test version 3.2-1 (yeah, I know, I'm off by
> one with the release number...). Can you give it a go and see whether
> the mosh test suite runs through with it?

No it doesn't and I don't even understand why anybody thinks that would
fix the issue.  The output is supposed to go to stdout (that's the sole
purpose of control mode) and it's the fd for the TTY that gets
duplicated there apparently (why that only exists for Cygwin if I'm
reading it correctly is another mystery).  So indeed the output now appears on the
terminal, but that's not where it should go when stdout gets redirected

It _might_ be possible for this particular case that one could open
/proc/${clientpid}/fd/1 and have it do the right thing.  If so, then the
call just above that clobbers stdin with the ttyname would probably be
better off as /proc/${clientpid}/fd/0.

Otherwise with the code changes as implemented you'd need to wait for
the AF_UNIX branch by Ken Brown to finally land before tmux works as
intended again.

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