[Bug] tmux 3.2-0

Michael Wild themiwi@gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 13:22:32 GMT 2021

On Mon, May 31, 2021 at 8:30 PM Achim Gratz wrote:
> Michael Wild via Cygwin writes:
> > Just out of curiosity: is this a critical feature for you? E.g. are
> > you automating tmux with it? Because as far as I understand control
> > mode is intended for integration with terminal emulators. And so far,
> > iTerm2 on Mac is the only one implementing the protocol.
> As I said in the original posting, the test suite for mosh makes use of
> control mode.  Besides the terminal integration (that is non-existing on
> Cygwin AFAIK) this sort of controlling terminals from scripts/automation
> is probably uncommon.  GNU parallel might be using control mode too,
> although I've not tried that mode and it has no official Cygwin package
> either (but I use it on Cygwin).  OTOH, it is surprising that control
> mode suddenly stopped working in Cygwin.

I opened an issue with upstream: https://github.com/tmux/tmux/issues/2725.

It appears that the problem is not a simple #ifdef missing. Tmux is
now passing the file handle for stdout from the client to the server
processes, something that Cygwin doesn't support (see
https://sourceware.org/legacy-ml/cygwin/2004-01/msg00060.html). The
upstream author mentioned a potential workaround. Maybe there's
someone with the necessary skills here on the mailing list who has the
time to lend him a hand?



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