[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libidn2{, _0, -devel, -doc} mingw64-{x86_64, i686}-libidn2 2.3.2

Cygwin libidn2 Maintainer Brian.Inglis@SystematicSW.ab.ca
Tue Jul 27 00:21:45 GMT 2021

The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* libidn2			2.3.2
* libidn2_0			2.3.2
* libidn2-devel			2.3.2
* libidn2-doc			2.3.2
* mingw64-x86_64-libidn2	2.3.2
* mingw64-i686-libidn2		2.3.2

International Domain Name library encodes and decodes Internationalized
Domain Names implementing IETF IDN WG Stringprep, Punycode, IDNA2008,
and Unicode TR46 specifications.

Mingw packages provide MS VC RT-linked binaries, NOT Cygwin binaries,
for use with the mingw64-{x86_64,i686}-gcc cross compiler, installed in

For more information see the project home page:


or the repo README:


Please see below or read /usr/share/doc/libidn2/NEWS after installation
for details of changes:


Noteworthy changes in release 2.3.2 (2021-07-19) [stable]

* Upgrade TR46 tables from Unicode 11 to Unicode 13.
* Improve GTK-DOC manual. Drop HTML/PDF manual and custom CSS stylesheet.
* Fix build errors related to doc/idn2--help.texi.

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