Debugging PHP with GDB and php-debuginfo
Wed Jul 21 05:26:44 GMT 2021

As much as I love GDB dearly and rely on it regularly you might want
to have a look at which is also free and a more
general fancy UI IDE. If it's a web site you're developing for example
it will let you fire up a browser, put breakpoints in the php code,
and examine variables etc.

It's a little more complicated to set up than just using GDB but not
too bad (hint: install the Chrome browser ZDebug/XDebug/whateveritis
extension they recommend, and/or Firefox, or netbeans has a built-in
browser tho you probably want to know how your code works with chrome
and/or ff not their browser other than initial devpt.)

P.S. I generally edit my code with emacs. Netbeans notices a file has
changed and reloads -- it's magic (aka inotify(7)) tho use one (IDE
editing) or the other (emacs/vi/joe/jove/pico/externaleditor.)

The latest releases of netbeans (12.x) have gotten very good but once
in a while you just have to exit and restart it ("a communication
failure has occurred...") but no big deal just restart it, it
remembers your breakpoints etc., just to save you five minutes of

        -Barry Shein

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