Debugging PHP with GDB and php-debuginfo

Jim Hyslop
Tue Jul 20 22:54:27 GMT 2021

Hi, all

I've installed the php-debuginfo extension for gdb, but I can't figure 
out how to set a breakpoint with it. Is there a manual for 
php-debuginfo? All I can find is the package information.

I'm trying to debug why a unit test is passing (it should fail). I'm 
using the CakePHP framework ( From the command line, I 
normally just execute `vendor/bin/phpunit`.

With gdb, I execute `gdb $(which php)`, then at the command line in GDB 
I type ` b ./tests/TestCase/Controller/UsersControllerTest.php:80`

GDB responds with:
No source file named 
Make breakpoint pending on future shared library load? (y or [n])

The file name is valid. I've tried using the full path instead of the 
relative path.

When I run the tests with `r vendor/bin/phpunit` the unit tests all 
execute, but GDB doesn't stop at the breakpoint.

Do I need to modify php.ini to use gdb? Any pointers?

Jim Hyslop

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