Setup shows errors from gnuplot-base.dash and

Thu Jul 15 16:18:21 GMT 2021

Doug Henderson via Cygwin writes:
> Alternatives does not work correctly when CYGWIN=nativestrict. Perhaps
> it is trying to create a link before the link target exists. Unlike
> Linux, Windows does not allow creating symbolic links to non-existent
> targets.

Which is one reason why Windows symlinks are not POSIX symlinks.  The
real reason is that you need to need to tell Windows whether you're
pointing the symlink at a directory or a file when the target does not
yet exist.

> Am I the only person that uses "CYGWIN=winsymlinks:nativestrict" ???

Well, you should certainly pay more attention to where, when and how it
breaks.  It papers over one of the differences between the POSIX and
Windows world, but creates another gap elsewhere.

This is exactly why I have backed out the commit that uses the CYGWIN
environment variable in setup.exe.

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