cygpath and star character

Sam Edge
Thu Jul 15 06:18:30 GMT 2021

On 15/07/2021 00:07, Tomas Jura via Cygwin wrote:

> Hi
> My use case is building the CLASSPATH environment variable for java.
> Like:
> 'my/java/jar/directory/*' )"
> CLASSPATH can contain the star character at the end on Windows.
> Example C:\Apps\java\lib\* , which means something different then just
> C:\Apps\java\lib, ie. the star is necessary there.
> Tomas

So do:


If you pass the asterisk to cygpath it will naturally consider it to be
a character in a pathname and give you the equivalent Windows path that
Cygwin would construct using the open() syscall. This is cygpath's
purpose, after all!

Sam Edge

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