search and install packages via bash?

Richard Beels
Thu Jul 8 21:11:10 GMT 2021

At 07/08/2021 at 10:19, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Ulli 
Horlacher's keyboard and said:
>This part was easy:
>W10dev:/usr/local/bin: cygsearch ksh
>Found 449 matches for ksh
>kshisen-debuginfo-17.04.3-1 - kshisen-debuginfo: Debug info for kshisen
>mksh-56c-1 - mksh: MirBSD Korn Shell

1.maybe you saw nothing selected for install because the main 
window's view chooser was to "pending" and not "full"?

2, use fzf.  i don't use it (yet?) but it should be something like:

cyginst() { # a little function to install a package from the cli
_pkg=$(cygsearch "$1" | fzf | cut -f1 -d'-' )
/setup-x86_64.exe  ... -P "$_pkg"

the cut is to strip off all the versioning choices.  i think fzf can 
even allow you to edit the choice you make to eliminate that.  or you 
you change the cut to a sed and only strip off '-[0-9]*' for apps 
that use a dash in their real name (can't think of one ottomh, but...).

fzf is packaged for cygwin and the github page has more help than I 
cared to read when I found it. :)


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