Inode number and file size problems in version 3.2.1

Ken Brown
Tue Jul 6 15:53:28 GMT 2021

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On 7/6/2021 5:15 AM, Ruurd Beerstra wrote:
> Hi,
> I missed those question - sorry. This ping is the first I saw i response to my 
> question.

That was my guess and was the reason I added you to the CC on the ping and on 
this message.  (The custom on this list is *not* to do that.)

> The drive "i:" is a simple "subst":
> C:\>subst
> I:\: => C:\users\ruurd
> C:\>
> But, to my surprise, that actually causes the problem!  The cygwin64.broken is 
> the Cygwin version with the problem.
> If I use the SUBST drive, I get the wrong dates, sizes and inodes. When I use it 
> directly, it is OK!


I think I see the commit that introduced this bug, and Corinna just reverted it.

> I'll try and use the snapshot this evening.

Or you could wait until Corinna has a chance to make a new snapshot that 
includes what I think is the fix.


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