objects created in a dir w/cygwin mangled perms; inherit no-access

Andrey Repin anrdaemon@yandex.ru
Sun Jul 4 14:20:15 GMT 2021

Greetings, L A Walsh!

> Trying to track down exact conditions for a simpler testcase
> for a weird error message in tar and ran across this...

> in directory 'SI':
> /progd/Microsoft/../Tools/Sysinternals> ll -ad SI
> drwxrwxr-x+ 1 0 Jul  3 16:28 SI/

> w/umask:
>>  umask
> 0002

> I make dir 'newdir':

>>  mkdir newdir

> and ls -lgG shows:

> d---rwxr-x+ 1    0 Jul  3 16:40 newdir/

> No access for user(me).

The "+" at the end indicates presence of extended permissions.
What getfacl says?

> I ran into this because trying to enter the directory in
> explorer I got no access!  Trying to look at the perms, I
> get warnings about the rights possibly being out of order until
> eventually, if I want to proceed, it claims it has to reorder them.

This is true, that Cygwin sets permissions in a non-canonical order, but
that's the only way to have desired results for certain cases of POSIX
permissions configuration.

> This seems to have come from some weird setting that
> seems to come from Cygwin, with 5 deny records at the front
> for NULL, 3 local accounts and 1 domain account (me)...
> and the local accts ... also me of a sort.

> Then come various allows, some of them that would seem
> to undo some of the denies, but its really dependent on
> order -- which explorer says is suspect...

> Fine...so the results when I did the "mkdir newdir", were
> such that ended up with u-wrx, and no access in explore?

What is "progd" ? Did you mount some directory into Cygwin tree?

> Of course I can overide, but why are such weird acls on
> this anyway? -- especially when it doesn't seem to really
> work?

Probably because of interpretation of the original Windows permissions.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Sunday, July 4, 2021 17:13:55

Sorry for my terrible english...

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