Cygwin GDB won't start or hangs at startup

Daniel Röhrborn
Thu Feb 4 12:13:18 GMT 2021

I have this issue on three different PCs (Win7_32bit, 2x Win10_64bit) with the latest Cygwin installer.
I installed Cygwin gcc/g++/gdb. Compiler works but gdb doesn't output anything when started. It seems to have blocked right after start. What could cause this behaviour?

When I downgrade to gdb version 7.10.1-1 it works normally and outputs its startup message.
But with any higher version (7.12.1-2, 8.0.1-1, 8.1.1-1, 8.2.1-1, 8.3.1-1, 9.2-1, 10.1-1) I get no output at all. The process hangs forever. Running GDB from the Cygwin Terminal also doesn't help.
Since nobody else seems to have similar problems, I think it could be a configuration problem.

Kind regards
Daniel R.

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