[QUAR] alternative to terminator

Eliot Moss moss@cs.umass.edu
Wed Feb 3 13:11:55 GMT 2021

On 2/3/2021 1:54 AM, Frédéric wrote:
> Hi Eliot,
>> But here is how I had success!  I installed cygwin terminator.  I opened
>> /usr/bin/terminator and on the first line changed python to python2.
>> terminator then started for me.  Of course I have both python2 and python3
>> installed.
> Thanks for trying this. I also did try to add "2" to "python" on the
> first line but it did not work for me. I've just tried it again and
> now it works!!!
> Now it would be better to have a recent version but as you pointed it
> out, it seems to be a very hard work.

Maybe not that hard if you obtained the cygport package for the program.
That would include the specific patches and changes needed for Cygwin.
Knowing those might make it rather easier to adjust a newer version of

Best wishes - EM

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