alternative to terminator

Tue Feb 2 12:18:12 GMT 2021


I love to use terminator as terminal because of all the splitting I
can do + tabs. Unfortunately, it does not work anymore now that
python3 has become the default.
I guess that this has been fixed in terminator itself as I'm using it
on linux where python3 is now the standard. It appears that I have
version 2.1.0 on fedora 32 and it is 0.98 on cygwin.

Based on that, here are some questions:
- is it possible for a standard cygwin user to try to upgrade the
cygwin package of terminator so that we have a newer version working
nicely with python3 being the default?
- is there any other good alternative with the same kind of
possibilities of splitting the screen?

Best regards,


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